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Welcome to Nine Joy Street: Finding Joy in Life’s Moments and Memories. I’m Jyl (pronounced J-I-L-L) and you’ve landed on my personal blog. So glad you could make it. I hope you’ll cozy up and make yourself at home.

How Did I Get Interested in a Gratitude Practice?

I love lists. LOVE in all caps, actually. I once listed 300 of my favorite things, sharing everything from my favorite book to my favorite fungus. Most every email I send has a bullet list. And every journal from my childhood started with a list of the places I had visited and all of my favorite names. So, it’s no surprise that I have a bucket list. But here’s where things got complicated…

Read the full post on How I Developed a Gratitude Practice here.

A Little Bit About Me?

Here are some random facts about me in list format, of course:

  • I’ve been married to @TroyPattee for 20 years this July (2017).
  • We are parents to Chase (16) and Connor (13) and to a beagle named #Hashtag (4).
  • As far as food goes: I love every kind of cheese imaginable and am pretty sure I could win a salad eating competition.
  • I’m not sure if I ever graduated from high school (long story) but I did graduate from BYU with a degree in English.
  • I am typically the first one on and the last one off the dance floor.
  • I am more myself when I am traveling than at any other time. My idea of heaven includes lots of road trips where I can see foreign places while connecting with new friends and those who matter most to me.
  • I’ve completed over 20 journals. My great grandmother gave me my first one when I was 6 years old.
  • I don’t believe in using umbrellas since I love the feeling of rain on my face.
  • I was planning on moving to New York City when I met Troy. He guaranteed I’d visit there every year throughout our marriage if I married him and lived in Utah. He’s kept his promise. No place energizes me like New York City!
  • Faith, gratitude, and focusing on joy get me through even the most difficult of days.
  • I like TV shows, movies, novels, and people who share REAL stories. Life is a roller coaster. Let’s not pretend we’re always on It’s A Small World.
  • I call the beautiful Utah Rocky Mountains home.
  • I am always most comfortable in a room filled with books.
  • When I asked my family to choose a word that most describes me, they said Passionate. Other words they shared were Driven, Intense, Determined, Committed, Fierce, Extrovert, Strong. Most of those words make me want to take a nap.
  • I take advantage of any opportunity to get together with friends and family. People make me happy!
  • The color purple… the actual color and the movie… are my favorites.
  • After visiting all 50 US states a few years back, the number 1 item on my life list is to visit 50 countries by the age of 50. I’ve got a little more than 3 years and 8 countries to go!

Do I Blog as Hobby or for a Profession?

I blog both personally and professionally. Although NineJoyStreet.com is personal in nature, I am available for sponsorship opportunities and regularly partner with brands primarily over on MomItForward.com. My husband also works regularly with brands over on his blog, Dadventurous.com. Here’s a little bit more about our professional side.

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