Join the Movement

How Can You Join the Nine Joy Street Movement?

The Nine Joy Street Movement is a gratitude practice focused on finding joy in life’s moments and memories and includes doing the following four things:

  1. Capture daily moments in a gratitude journal.
  2. Craft memories on a reverse bucket list.
  3. Create new opportunities via a life list.
  4. Collaborate and share!

Joining the movement is free and easy. Simply:

  • Make gratitude a daily practice. How you practice gratitude is up to you!
  • Join our Facebook Group and participate in our daily threads, monthly challenges, and other events. You choose how often you participate.
  • Share the moments and memories your are most grateful for on social media using the tags #NineJoyStreet and #Gratitude. Depending on what you are sharing, you may also want to tag your social media posts with #ReverseBucketList, #MindfulMoments, and/or #LifeList.

We’re excited to be on this gratitude and joy finding journey with you. Don’t hesitate to click over to our Contact page and connect with us if you have any questions or suggestions.

If you are an agency or brand looking for partnership opportunities, please click over to the Work With Me page for details on how to work together. Thanks for your interest.